How to start your home-school

One of the most common question in online homeschooling groups and forums is how to start and where to get help for the first steps. It is fair to stress that teaching is a time consuming and high demanding job. That is one of the reasons why we mostly leave this job to professionals, similarly like other tasks which we encounter in our homes and lives. Simply, it is more efficient. On the other hand, the lesson preparation is rewarding, enjoyable and fun activity and to observe your children’s learning progress and see results is even better. Therefore, it is good to know where to start, find out if you need someone alongside, or if it is alright to teach by yourself?

First of all, acknowledge you can do it! There is no problem to teach children at home as long as you will ready. Ask your kids what they want to learn, figure out what their interests are and be prepared to change your actions accordingly because it will most likely change over a short time. It is alright if you struggle to get anything sensible from your kids, suggest school subjects which he or she likes the most, what is his or her favourite activity in free-time or what video games he or she prefers to play.

When you know what will be the topics, look up online and search resources or let your kids find what they need. There is so much to use. For example, there is BBC Bitesize, Khan Academy or STEM Learning to start with something basic. In case of interest in academic subjects, or the need for exams, you can look for appropriate textbooks and workbooks. Your choice can be more about the design and the range of support materials, rather than the content which will be pretty much the same. Furthermore, you can build on those fundaments and seek online content for an expansion on Youtube, Wikipedia or in other books and film documents.

As long as you have all this ready, you can begin. Plan the learning times with your kids or let them organise themselves. Give them information and conditions which are important for you, your household or preparation at higher education levels. You can agreed everything if it makes sense to all involved people and they participate in the decisions. Go out as much as you can, contact local homeschooling groups to share tips and tricks and connect your kids with other children. Give them choices to attend scout groups, sports clubs or other “afterschool” activities to secure a social time with their peers and friends.

So far, so good. Now is perhaps the time when you can consider to get help. It might be for GCSE subjects, which needs higher specialisation, you might need more time for your own business and work, or it suits better to the style of the young learner. Whatever is the reason, and you will look at the Internet, the search results will give you a heap of options from agencies and learning platforms, to private teachers who can tailor the teaching according to children’s needs. Solo lessons, smaller or larger groups, online and offline all is possible. Prices will vary probably about £5 to £40 per session, or they will offer a subscription programme. Once more, choose from the vast selection with your child and try some of the services out. If they offer a free trial, it is even better. Teaching, at the end, is all about a relationship between the student, teacher and the subject. As long as all these components are right, the results will come.

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