Welcome to Home School Online

This is the place where you find support and help with your journey in home education.

🎇 I am sure that your boy or girl does not need just another school but a unique learning experience dedicated to them only and based on self-directed learning principles.

🌐 In addition to that, they will find a supportive social space which allows them to connect with a small international community of homeschooled kids.

News & Updates

Self-directed Online Learning

I offer online lessons in Science and IT for homeschooling families. My education style is mostly based on self-directed learning which allows accommodate the teaching process to student’s needs.

Prices start at £10 (NZ $20) for one-to-one lesson.

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How to connect to the network

This is the place where you can connect with other homeschoolers. You will have a chance to learn, socialise or just hanging around with like minded people in a safe online space.

Homeschool Online is an online private network for kids who are registered in Online Self-directed lessons and their friends. If you want to join, and try our international online social space, please book an online call and I will get you back as soon as possible with details. Joining our social space is free.

About Homeschool Online

A start-up project with the ambition to connect homeschooled children with other like-minded kids. To give them a chance to learn, collaborate, think, talk, play, share and create their own unique online space and perhaps new friends.

It is open to all children and students 10+ years old.

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Self-directed learning: Time for childhood (Part 1)

Many parents, who decided home-school their children, might do a research about teaching and try answer questions like: What to do? How to teach kids? I even believe that a few teachers, who are not satisfied with their teaching strategies or results, would like to find inspiration somewhere else and change their approach. A years …