Online learning for everyone

I offer online and face to face lessons in Science and IT for homeschooling families. My education style is mostly based on self-directed learning which allows accommodate the teaching process to student’s needs.

Prices start at £15 (NZ $25) for one-to-one lessons and £8 (NZ $15) for a group.

Subjects to discover


A range of topics related to nature, animals, plants and habitats. Discover the complexity of life.

Levels KS3 – GCSE/NCEA




The content covers a range of topics and experiments which demonstrate the power of this ancient science.

Levels KS3 – GCSE/NCEA




The mechanics of the universe. It covers all topics and includes experiments where possible.





Most topics related to computers. It includes coding, graphics, video editing, 3D design, hardware and more.

Levels KS3 – GCSE/NCEA




As a scout leader I can give inside information in the useful camping and survival skills. In short, the scout skills.

Kids 10+ years old




Opportunity to join our online democratic community of homeschoolers. Have a fun, share and learn.

Kids 10+ years old



What is self-directed learning?

Shortly, student will have the power to choose what she or he wants to learn and when.

Firstly, our lessons will be timetabled, but student has the rights do not attend the lesson. There is no cancelation fee or lost payments. The freedom is a key.

Secondly, everyone has the choice to pick any topic, or their combination, in Science or IT area. There is even possibility to change the topic at anytime if student discovers something new.

If your kid chooses to do GCSE/NCEA no problem, we can cover Science GCSE/NCEA or Computer Science GCSE/NCEA. If s/he is interested in computers and spends lots of time on a screen, we can direct this passion to real products, such as video production, 3D design or even video games.

How the online teaching works?

Technical details. We will use an open-source platform which runs as a standalone service dedicated only to Home School Online. It is a free and safe service, allows encrypted connection with no installation and it runs on all systems, which includes native Android and iOS apps.

You might need other software, especially for coding or IT lessons. However, it might need to pay extra price for licence, there will be always a range of free products which we can use.

Hardware necessary to join is a laptop/PC/tablet with a camera, microphone and connection to the Internet. I believe it should not be a problem nowadays.

I would also suggest to get yourself familiar with the rules for self-directed online learning. You will better understand my teaching principles and methods.

Student controls the learning.

How much it costs

The registration to Home School Online is free and there is no obligation to book lessons or use other services.

Online lessons are paid as a credit while the first three sessions cost £15 (NZ $25) per lesson. The standard price and possible discounts are bellow.

💰 Price for one online one-to-one session is £20 (NZ $45)/lesson

🚗 One-to-one lesson in person (South Devon) costs £25/lesson

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 More kids or friends can join or create a group (3 and more participants). In this case, one participant will pay only £8 (NZ $15)/lesson.

🎫 Free Digital resources and online support for Science and Computer Science

🤯 Free consultation for students at anytime

Please remember, the final price is always negotiable, because I understand the wide variety of situations which families can encounter. I am here to help, not create more problems.

One lesson is usualy 60 minutes long and your credit will be valid for one year since the payment. Prices are valid from 21/07/2023.

How to start with online lessons?

It is very simple if you have already decided to try it out. Please book your first free video call over the booking form. I will get you back as soon as possible with all details. Other information, news, direct communication and help on your homeschooling journey is available on my Facebook page. Do not hesitate to join.