How I create lessons with my list of resources

Learning should be fun and engaging, even if it is not student’s cap of tea. I find similar joy every time when I prepare lessons for my students or homeschoolers which I have the privilege to guide in the exciting world of learning. The key is to find the right information in the right form and combine these elements into a new complex which will surprise kids and let them discover new horizons. Let me shortly summarise how I try achieve that.

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How to start your home-school

One of the most common question in online homeschooling groups and forums is how to start and where to get help for the first steps. It is fair to stress that teaching is a time consuming and high demanding job. That is one of the reasons why we mostly leave this job to professionals, similarly like other tasks which we encounter in our homes and lives. Simply, it is more efficient. On the other hand, the lesson preparation is rewarding, enjoyable and fun activity and to observe your children’s learning progress and see results is even better. Therefore, it is good to know where to start, find out if you need someone alongside, or if it is alright to teach by yourself?

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